Heading to college is a very exciting time in most women’s lives. It is often the first time we experience the freedom of being away from our parents. We have the opportunity to experience so much academically, socially, and to really find ourselves.

It can also be a very dangerous and traumatic time as well if you are not careful.

“My daughter just started attending college. Rebecca provided a lot of information to help keep her safe. I feel lucky to have found such a great program.
Rebecca is a wealth of knowledge. After taking her class, my daughter posted on Facebook her experience and recommended her friends sign up for Rebecca’s class
When they come back from school. I think everyone should take her class”.
Margaret M.
Campbell, CA

College Safety and Awareness

The Department of Justice conducted a study that found one out of every five college women polled was sexually assaulted within four years at college. The fact is colleges are so under funded and overburdened they can’t keep students safe. You are responsible for your own safety.

This college safety and awareness class was created for high school seniors matriculating to college, and will focus on issues pertaining to college life. Awareness training, (including social media awareness), date rape, and dorm living are areas of concern we’ll be covering. We’ll be watching a few videos and discussing the myths and realities of college life. You’ll also learn to defend yourself physically with several very effective moves that will allow you to disable an attacker and escape.

Contact us for information on group and private instruction, details, availability and requirements.

We offer College Safety classes from April to August of each year.

3½ Hour Class – $100

Class will be held at Flex Fusion, 2125 South Winchester Blvd Suite 140 in Campbell, CA.