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Our corporate classes are shaped to meet the needs of the client company. We have taught classes at companies and non-profits all over the Bay Area.

The curriculum for the full three-hour class consists of a presentation on the use of Situational Awareness, Boundary Setting, and development of intuition for personal safety. The presentation can include some scenario role playing and instructional videos if time permits. While learning these, participants gain critical skills, increase confidence levels, and learn to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations they may encounter.

The second part of the class is the physical self-defense portion – we teach our students basic stance, strikes, kicks, and escapes from holds.

We also offer an (optional) 20-minute presentation on the most effective use of pepper gel and stun guns. Many people buy non-lethal weapons to keep them safe, but then have no idea how to use them, which basically renders them useless.

The session can be structured any way the client wishes and can be from one hour to the full three-hour class. We prefer a maximum class size of 40. Please keep in mind that that number of students in the physical class requires a very large room for safety reasons.
We supply everything needed including plenty of instructors and all necessary equipment.

Call/text: 408.412.9696
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At Chegg we are always looking for meaningful and practical benefits for our employees. Defense-ability embodies both of those in abundance. Rebecca and her team are well equipped with extensive knowledge to empower and educate both men and women with their personal safety. Our employees were engaged through lecture and hands on training. They loved it so much we had to host a second workshop! I highly recommend Defense-ability as part of any company’s core wellness program.
Tracy Clemente
Manager, Benefits and HR Operations

We hired Rebecca and her team for a self-defense seminar. They were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. Rebecca managed a class of 23 women and men, and like the expert that she is, she kept everyone alert, learning, and laughing. The best part? Rebecca doesn’t expect anyone to turn into a black belt overnight. She teaches her students how to best avoid dangerous situations. And if they happen to find themselves in precarious settings, she teaches realistic methods of escaping and surviving. It was time and money well spent!

Ana Kostioukova, NIO

Finisar Corporation hosted a self-defense training taught by Defense-ability. We had a good number of employees attend and all the feedback received was positive! This was a basic self-defense class that taught employees tips and easy to learn techniques to stay safe. I would recommend it to other companies, as well as individuals. Rebecca and Brian really took the time to make sure each attendee was successful at each maneuver that was introduced. They were more than willing to answer questions and walk through scenarios. It was GREAT!!

Megan Schott
Employee Services
Finisar Corporation

Your class was a huge hit!
We had a great time ☺
Thank you so much!
Jenny Kiesman
Executive Assistant
PayPal Corporation

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