“Lunch and Learn Seminar” – Basic Awareness and Safety Training for Women

Awareness and Safety Seminar
Lunch and Learn Safety Seminar

We are living in extraordinary times…

In this uncertain world, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Create a safer environment and reduce your risks by planning for the unexpected. Defense-ability can present a one-hour informative and helpful Lunch and Learn Seminar that will emphasize the many things you can do to help protect yourself both at work and in your personal life.

Whether it’s safety in the workplace, jogging in the evening, attending classes at night, or even shopping at the grocery store or mall, Defense-ability Lunch and Learn Seminar presents useful information on staying safe. Participants learn how to use awareness as a safety tool, and how to make simple changes to their daily routines that can help protect them from possible danger. This is a very informal class that allows the participants to ask questions and get feedback on specific situations.

Many women in our community are concerned with rising crime and increasing reports of women being assaulted. Women are beginning to see that because of police department staff cuts, they may be placed in a position where they will be responsible for their own defense. A little more awareness, and some forethought about what your options are when faced with a difficult situation can make all the difference, and this Awareness and Safety Training Seminar will offer some invaluable information, insights and skills.

For those interested in organizing a Lunch and Learn Seminar at their workplace or for their group or organization, please contact us to discuss specific details or to answer any questions you may have.

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