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Defense-ability founder Rebecca O’Bryan created the company when she realized that she could combine her passion for women’s safety and giving back to the community into a  venture that could help save lives. After an incident that threatened a friend’s safety, she created an innovative self-defense program that would truly make a difference.

About Defense-ability

Rebecca did a lot of research and realized there are a lack of resources in the Bay Area to train women in self-defense. Sure, there are many great martial arts programs out there but they seemed to require a lot of time and dedication to training. She also noticed that the majority of the programs were taught by men, who approach self defense from a different point of view.

Women need to learn practical self defense that works for their everyday lives. Defense-ability self defense classes were created to do just that – quickly teach women how to use awareness to avoid an attack, and how to physically disable an attacker if necessary.

Utilizing her background in self-defense training and her former career as a federal officer she created an amazingly simple and easy to remember training program.

The program focuses heavily on situational awareness and avoidance of potentially dangerous situations, and is tailored to ensure women are equipped with and truly prepared to use the defensive tools they have: whether it’s their wits or a physical defensive move.