Community outreach is an important part of our mission.

Community outreach is an important part of Defense-ability’s goal of teaching women to defend themselves.

In an effort to reach out to every facet of our community, we teach classes at local businesses, address group functions, present seminars for non-profits and county organizations, and teach by request in schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations. We also teach pro bono classes for low income and senior women.

We support the work of our local organizations that address domestic violence, sexual abuse, and homelessness. For women who have fled from their homes to escape abuse, these organizations are a lifeline that allows them to make a fresh start on their lives.

We also encourage our students to support these organizations. There are countless opportunities and ways to reach out to those around us. It could be something as simple as donating used clothing or a small denomination gift card. The small things we do can make a big difference for others. Consider volunteering or donating goods to the organizations listed under our “Cause Partners.”
Defense-ability is changing the statistics, one woman at a time.

Our goal is to empower, equip and educate women to defend themselves, regardless of age or fitness level.