Corporate Team Building Event for Women and Men

Corporate Events - Team Building

We are living in extraordinary times. In this uncertain world, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Create a safer environment and reduce your risks by planning for the unexpected. Defense-ability has teamed up with Energy-Based Defense to offer corporate self -defense activities for both women and men.
We will present an informative and helpful program that will emphasize the many things you can do to help protect yourself both at work and in your personal life. At the core of the program are basic skills, such as situational awareness. In addition we teach simple and effective self-defense techniques. While learning these, participants gain critical skills, increase confidence levels, and learn to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations they may encounter. Since self-defense demands different skill sets from each gender, we offer male and female instructors to guide our students through the classes.
Our workshops are small, friendly, and relaxed, and our instructors are encouraging and supportive. Our goal is to assure individual attention for all students.
You don’t have to be a black belt to successfully defend yourself. This class takes the best from martial arts and law enforcement defense, and teaches these strategies in a simple, easy to remember way. You will quickly learn how to instinctively use these skills to defend yourself effectively.
Remember, it’s not about living in fear – it’s about living smart!

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