Whether you’re a single mom, married with children, or sharing parenting duties with your partner, these classes are designed to teach you how to keep you and your loved ones safe. Working together, your family will create safer public and home environments.

You will learn to use both awareness and self-defense skills. Because of the range of children’s ages, we may cover things that don’t impact you directly, but overall, the goal is to give specific information to all of you, no matter the age of your children.

The skills you learn in these classes should be shared with your family so that each person knows what they need to do to assist in bringing a potentially dangerous situation to a safe conclusion. When protecting your family, it is of the utmost importance for all members of the family to be on the same page.

  • Learn how you and your significant other can address threats as a team. Train your family members to be assets and work together
  • Teach your children how to react in threatening situations so that you can focus on dealing with the threat
  • Learn to assess a situation so that you are ready to react immediately
  • Identify threats before they escalate the situation
  • Learn to recognize when to escape and when you must fight

Part one: Basic Situational Awareness / Assessing a Situation

Part two: Identifying threats before they escalate

Part three: Teaching your kids to react in dangerous situations