Keychain Pepper Gel

Gel formulation creates a powerful stream with a spray distance of up to 10 feet for keychain units. Made in the USA.

campus-safety-pepper-gel-keychainSuspended in gel instead of a liquid stream, pepper gel sticks like glue reducing blow back spray. Powerful 1.33% Capsaicinoid concentration produces 2 million SHU’s (Scoville Heat Units) of burning, irritating heat.

FYI – habanero chili peppers only rate about 300,000 SHU’s.

The personal safety spray designed for a college setting gives peace of mind to students, parents, campus security and administrators. UV dye helps identify suspects!

  • Compact size: 0.54 oz (16.2 mL)
  • Police strength (maximum heat)
  • Reliable – #1 brand trusted by police worldwide
  • Helps identify suspects with UV dye
  • Durable key case with finger grip helps you aim pepper spray in the right direction, improving accuracy and retention of your product
  • Greater protection at a safe distance – 25 bursts (up to 5x the competition) at up to 10 feet (3M) away
  • Safe for indoors & has no effect on bystanders – special gel formula produces greater containment of spray
  • BONUS: Quick Release Key Ring provides access to gel when keys are in ignition or lock