Defense-ability Self Defense Training is now offering LGBTQ Self Defense Education as part of the County of Santa Clara’s new funding initiatives through the Office of LGBTQ Affairs. Thanks to Supervisor Ken Yeager for making this opportunity possible.

Defense-ability’s mission is to develop and implement:

“A comprehensive violence prevention program for LGBTQ individuals. Through a combination of education and physical empowerment, Defense-ability provides the LGBTQ community with skills to break cycles of violence.”

Defense-ability teaches a reality-based self-defense system to handle hostile encounters of all kinds. We teach disabling techniques – put your attacker down and escape!

Our workshops will teach you a variety of practical techniques meant to empower you in protecting yourself from different types of assaults.


You can sign up for classes on our MeetUp page:



Topics covered:

– Recognizing and avoiding potential threats
– Basic principles of self-defense and taking control
– Situational awareness and boundary setting
– Realities of physical assaults
– Attackers, predators, and their behavior
– Techniques and strategies to self-defense
– Physical self defense drills and scenarios


Classes will be challenging and fun!