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3 months ago

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Lately there's been a spate of snatch and grabs and muggings in the willow glen area.
then I saw this come up on reddit:
NewsALERT: My mother was mugged in broad daylight at the Costco on Almaden 8/30 (self.SanJose)

submitted an hour ago * by vanwyngarden

Hello, I will be posting this in both this and San Jose subreddits.

I should have posted earlier but have been at the hospital for the better part of the last 48 hours.

My mom (71, female) was mugged on *Thursday* at 2:30 in the afternoon in between Trader Joes and Costco on Almaden Expressway.

She was putting her groceries away and a man ( or more than likely a teen according to the witnesses) came up behind her and snatched her purse (backpack style) and then pushed her down. He then did the same thing to another woman nearby. He got into a black SUV (that we later found out was stolen) and got away.

I want to tell people so that they can WARN THEIR MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, FRIENDS, COWORKERS, ETC.

These people had clearly done this a few times. They did this in broad daylight in a crowded area and were violent to multiple women. There are NO CAMERAS by Costco or Trader Joes in that area!

This was not announced by Costco and there has been zero local coverage even though multiple women in the area had said they have seen this happen before. Evidently we need to be much more careful.

My mom is doing ok. She is back home as of this morning and has no permeant heart damage though they had initially suspected a heart attack. She is fit, strong, and honest to god looks about half her age ( I can say that because I am adopted) PLEASE DON'T THINK THEY ARE ONLY TARGETING OLDER WOMEN BASED ON HER AGE. Please let others know and be careful out there.
description of suspect: 15-18, black, dreadlocks
stolen care: Lexus SUV stolen in Fremont
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