Silicon Valley Women’s Self Defense

Defense-ability is changing statistics, one woman at a time.  Our goal is to empower, equip and educate women to defend themselves, regardless of age or fitness level. Women’s Self Defense Classes offered by Defense-ability are tailored to the lifestyles of women here in the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.


      We are thankful for Rebecca's generosity for volunteering her time to teach a free self-defense class for the young women of Teen Success, Inc. Rebecca was passionate and knowledgeable with a good sense of humor. Our youth left the class with a new set of skills and confidence. She made the material relevant to the lives of our members by discussing topics such as being aware of our surrounding, trusting our instincts and teaching us moves that can be used to defend ourselves against an attack.

    We would definitely recommend Rebecca if you are looking to learn self-defense! Thank you again Rebecca!

    thumb Stephanie B.

      We hosted a self-defense seminar at our company. Rebecca and her team were total professionals. It was easy working with them from beginning to the end. The event itself went very well. Everyone was laughing and learning. Her technique is a no BS approach. She doesn't expect anyone to turn into a black belt overnight. She teaches folks how to best avoid dangerous situations, and if they happen to find themselves in bad situations, realistic methods of escaping and surviving them. Thank you, Rebecca and team. You're great!

    thumb Ana K.


Women’s Self Defense Classes

Students gain critical skills, increase confidence levels, and learn to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations they may encounter. Our workshops are small, friendly and relaxed. Our instructors are encouraging and supportive. Our goal is to be sure that each student leaves the class with more confidence in their ability to defend themselves successfully.

Classes are open to women 18 years of age or older (15-17 with parental permission) and designed to be low impact, fun, information packed, and suitable for everyone. At Defense-ability you will learn the importance of situational awareness, and how to defend yourself physically.

  • Setting physical and verbal boundaries
  • Street “smarts” and awareness
  • Pre-planning and preparing
  • Recognizing and avoiding trouble
  • De-escalating situations
  • Simple and effective physical defensive techniques

If you can’t find a class that fits your schedule, why not book a private class? Get a few of your friends, neighbors or co-workers to join you! With as few as ten students we can bring the class to you – or we’ll teach your group at one of the private facilities we use.