Pepper Gel With Holster

Pepper Gel With Holster

Revolutionary pepper gel formula sticks like glue! Shut down attackers with the new pepper gel by Sabre.

Compare Pepper gel to pepper spray:

Spray: Only fires about 6-8 feet, greater chance of cross-contamination and wind blow back.

Gel: Gel is a newer product that provides greater distance and it fires up to 10 feet and beyond. Gel minimizes cross contamination and unintended targets. It sticks to the face almost like a gluey substance. It is ideal for indoor usage. It does require accurate aim but there is very little risk of wind blow back.

Powerful 1.33% Capsaicinoid concentration produces 2 million SHU’s (Scoville Heat Units) of burning, irritating heat.

FYIhabanero chili peppers only rate about 300,000 SHU’s.


Gel formulation creates a powerful stream with a spray distance up to 18 feet. Flip-top safety cap prevents accidental spraying. Easy to use and the flip-top ensures no accidental discharge inside your bag or purse.  Made in the USA.

  • Perfect for College Students, pepper gel formula decreases wind blow back, can be used indoors and provides greater containment of spray making it perfect for college campuses.
  • This is the most popular size pepper spray used by police worldwide, and gel formula reduces airborne particles, making this exceedingly safe to use near bystanders.
    • Durable size: 1.8 oz (53 mL)
    • Police strength (maximum heat)
    • Reliable – #1 brand trusted by police worldwide
    • Greater protection at a safe distance – 10 bursts at up to 18 feet (5.5M) away
    • Very accessible – FREE belt holster included with product
    • User-friendly with ergonomic flip top
    • Reduced wind blow back thanks to gel formula

$25.00 includes shipping anywhere within the 48 contiguous states.