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sabre-red-pepper-gel-campus-girlWe offer safety products for personal protection and self defense.

Protection at a safe distance is a huge advantage of pepper spray. Pepper Gel with Holster increases safety with its 18 foot range!

Stun guns are easy to use for the purposes of self-protection. A stun gun strike leaves an attacker dazed, stunned, and temporarily disabled for several minutes.

Our products offer women a chance to get out of an attack situation.

Non-lethal weapons are great gift ideas for anyone, including college students, walkers, joggers, and bikers!

Personal Safety Products

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  • Price: $45.00 Quantity:
    Our 9 million volt stun gun includes several important features: an ergonomic handle, ensuring that you’re holding it correctly, a strong flashlight that can temporarily blind an attacker, and a disabling pin attached to the wrist strap, ensuring that if the gun is taken from you, it can’t be used against you. The kit includes a stun gun, a charging cord, and a disable pin/wrist strap.
  • Price: $15.00 Quantity:
    Perfect for College Students, pepper gel formula decreases wind blowback, can be used indoors and provides greater containment of spray making it perfect for college campuses. Quick Release Key Ring which provides immediate access to pepper spray without requiring removal of keys from the ignition or lock!
  • Price: $25.00 Quantity:
    Very Effective - Provides protection at a very safe 18 foot distance with a GEL delivery Enhanced Technology - Pepper Gel is less affected by weather conditions & sticks to your threat to reduce cross contamination - very safe to use indoors. #1 Brand Used by Police worldwide: NYPD, Chicago, Los Angeles County Sheriff's & US Marshals
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