Here is the latest information (July 3, 2020) from the County concerning local gyms:

We have been notified that we may be approved to re-open for classes in late July. We have to file a Social Distancing Protocol with the County and then wait to hear if our business falls within the parameters of what will be considered safe operation.

Our classes will be modified in several ways:

We will allow no more than 4-5 students per class.

There will be NO physical interaction between students and instructors or students and students. All physical training will be done using our self-defense dummy.

All students are required to wear a mask – there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this. If you find it difficult to breath wearing a mask you probably won’t want to attend our classes during this time. This rule is for everyone’s safety.

We will supply all our students with non-latex gloves. You will be required to wear these gloves during the physical self-defense training.
If you prefer to wear your own medical-grade gloves you are welcome to do so. Workout gloves (finger-less) and cloth gloves are not acceptable.

We have a list of students who have right of first refusal for attending classes. These students either: registered for classes that were cancelled in March, or have contacted us in the interim and were added to our list for class notifications. If there are open slots for any classes they will be listed on the website on a first come, first served basis. As soon as all the slots are filled the class registration will be closed. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you are interested in the college class please shoot us an email with your contact info and you’ll be added to the list. We’ll try to schedule as many of these classes as we can prior to end of August.

There will be no exceptions on any of these policies – we’re not getting into politics here, we are simply concerned with the health of our students and want to make sure that everyone stays healthy.

Thanks and stay safe!

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