Basic Home Safety class:   We will discuss realistic situations you may encounter that are centered around activities related to your home –  this includes leaving, entering, working at home or everyday activities.

You should feel safe when you’re at home and this class will cover several different scenarios and actions you can take to make sure you are more secure within your own home.

1 Hour Class – $25

Learning about the potential dangers around you can be anxiety provoking and Rebecca doesn’t shy away from telling you about the horrors that can happen if you are a woman traveling alone. However, she follows up each scenario with a realistic solution so you leave the workshop feeling knowledgeable and empowered. Rebecca has multiple safety tips to share but her style of presentation is so fluid, I personally did not feel overwhelmed with information. She didn’t use many props other than a TV and a taser, but her speech was very effective. Her passion for helping people is channeled in her tone and mannerisms and the entire time I felt like I was being mentored one on one even though I was in a room full of other people. In summary, I highly encourage both sexes of all ages to experience this workshop. I feel like the lessons learned are beneficial if not for yourself, but for someone you care about.
Amanda N.
San Jose, CA

At Home – At Work Women’s Safety Solutions Self Defense class offered by Defense-ability is tailored to the lifestyles of women here in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area.

These one-hour classes deal specifically with situations women encounter every day. Whether it’s traveling alone, working from home alone, jogging, or even walking alone from your parking place to your apartment, women worry about being vulnerable.

We will discuss real-life solutions and present realistic options to deal with these and other situations.

You’ll also have the opportunity to watch demonstrations of various types of Wi-Fi based surveillance systems and see how easy they can be to install at home or take along on business trips.

Contact us for information on group and private instruction details, availability and requirements.


“ Every woman should take her class! She makes you feel confident and truly cares about the safety of all her students.”
Nicole W.
Campbell, CA

At Home – At Work Women’s Safety Solutions

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  • One-hour classes dealing specifically with potentially dangerous situations women encounter every day. Real-life solutions and realistic options for work, home and travel.
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