At the core of the program are basic skills, such as situational awareness and boundary setting. In addition we teach “street smarts” – safety information for everyday living. You’ll also learn very effective physical self-defense techniques.

While learning these, participants gain critical skills, increase confidence levels, and learn to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations they may encounter.

3 Hour Class – $75


“Unlike martial arts, which is great but doesn’t actually prepare you for real life street situations, Rebecca teaches very simple, effective moves and provides a practice session.”
Don N.
Morgan Hill, CA

Women’s Urban Self Defense class offered by Defense-ability is tailored to the lifestyles of women here in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area.


Whether you live in a large city like San Jose, or a smaller community like Los Altos, you can create a safer environment and reduce your risks by attending a Women’s Urban Self Defense class.

Our workshops are small, friendly, and relaxed, and our instructors are encouraging and supportive. Our goal is to be sure that each student leaves the class with more confidence in their ability to defend themselves successfully.


This class is open to women 18 years of age or older (15-17 with parental permission) and designed to be low impact, fun, information packed, and suitable for everyone.

At Defense-ability you will learn the importance of situational awareness, and how to defend yourself physically. The class will cover important topics such as:

  • Setting physical and verbal boundaries
  • Street ”smarts” and awareness
  • Pre-planning and preparing
  • Recognizing and avoiding trouble
  • De-escalating situations
  • Simple and effective physical defensive techniques

Contact us for information on group and private instruction details, availability and requirements.

Class will be held at Cross Fit located at 1610 Dell Ave in Campbell

“We learned how to be more alert to the environment around us, what type of situations can be dangerous, how perpetrators think and pick victims, and, perhaps most importantly, how to physically defend ourselves.”
Lindsey B.
Campbell, CA

Women's Urban Self Defense

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  • Basic self defense class covers situational awareness and physical self defense training. Learn to avoid potentially dangerous situations, and how to effectively fight back and defend yourself.
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