Date: August 30, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm  to  4:30 pm

This is an on-line version of our College Self Defense class.

This year is particularly frustrating and frightening for first-year college students. While this class will not specifically address COVID-19 concerns, we will be teaching our students how to cope with the escalating violence due to short tempers, stress, and all the other problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic on college campuses.

This class teaches basic preventative self defense techniques along with a presentation specifically focused on today’s college campuses. Date rape, drinking and drugs, frat parties, living on or off campus, living on your own for the first time or dealing with roommates, using social media, etc., are subjects we cover in this class.

In addition, students learn physically disabling defense techniques which require very little strength but are effective ways to stop an attack. Basic strikes, blocks, kicks and escapes from basic holds are included.

“My daughter just started attending college. Rebecca provided a lot of information to help keep her safe. I feel lucky to have found such a great program.
Rebecca is a wealth of knowledge. After taking her class, my daughter posted on Facebook her experience and recommended her friends sign up for Rebecca’s class
When they come back from school. I think everyone should take her class”.
Margaret M.
Campbell, CA

The Department of Justice conducted a study that found one out of every five college women polled was sexually assaulted within four years at college. And now that Title IV protections have been watered down colleges are no longer responsible for your safety.

You are responsible for your own safety, so it’s a good idea to learn what you can do to avoid dangerous situations.

There are no refunds and no make-up classes. Once you register you’ll receive a Zoom invitation with the link and more information on the class.

3.5 hour class

$100.00 per student

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