Date: January 29, 2022
Time: 2:00 pm  to  3:30 pm


If you’ve attended one of our self defense classes at Defense-ability in the past and would like to practice the physical self defense techniques you learned, join us for a ninety minute Self Defense Practice class.

It’s great to learn the techniques, but you’ll be able to use them more effectively if you practice. Muscle memory will allow you to fight back more effectively, and practice develops that muscle memory.

These classes are low cost, low key, and lots of fun. We practice all the self defense moves you learned previously, holds, strikes and kicks. Escaping from a hold or striking an attacker becomes second nature with practice.

Self Defense Skills Practice

Ninety minute class – $25 per student

Don’t lose the skills you’ve acquired! Come practice with us and make sure you’re ready to defend yourself in an attack situation.

Class will be held at Flex Fusion, 2125 South Winchester Blvd Suite 140 in Campbell, CA

Self Defense Practice

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  • PLEASE NOTE: PRACTICE CLASSES ARE FOR OUR FORMER STUDENTS ONLY! Attendance at a previous class is a prerequisite to attend a practice class. Practice classes maybe cancelled if minimum student enrollment is not met.
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*We require prior attendance at one of our standard classes in order to participate in a Self Defense Practice class. 

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